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  • Quality Chain Management for the complete construction process

    Concrete Software The quality of buildings can only be assured, if clearly defined quality standards are being followed on all levels. This applies to production, delivery and construction as well as to the inspection and approval of the building. Many companies, laboratories and institutions are involved in this process.

    Although quality standards on each production level are mostly well defined in their corresponding norm and additionally in the details of the contracts, gaps in this chain occur frequently. They consequently cause serious quality issues.

    To realise an integrated and efficient quality assurance we are developing a Quality Chain Management (QCM) System. This QCM System links quality assurance systems and production control systems across companies using electronic Smart-Label applications and mobile communication devices.

    To this end we engage in a joint project with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM) in Berlin. An exemplary QCM System for production, delivery, installation and identity testings of ready-mixed concrete is a first result of this cooperation. It has already been implemented into the LASTRADA Construction Site Terminal.

  • Electronic Delivery Note

    Concrete Mix Design A premise of a cross-company QCM System is an agreement about the concerned processes between the involved companies.

    Especially construction projects employing ready-mixed concrete rely on notification about the delivery process and about sampling and testings of hardened concrete. Because of that our main concern was to standardise those two processes including all required documents which have so far been exchanged as papers between participating companies.

    Due to substantial influence of the Dr. Jung and Partner AG, an agreement on delivery processes for ready-mixed concrete took place in the main committee of the German building industry.

    The proposal which is coordinated with the Federal Association of the Ready-Mixed Concrete Industry has already been formalised by us on XML base. It supports the standardised electronic delivery note.

    At the same time, similar initiatives take place to standardise an electronic sample data sheet.

  • Construction Site Traffic Light

    Concrete laboratory software To implement the cross-company QCM-System for ready-mixed concrete it is essential to establish a delivery receiving system which works as autonomously as possible.

    For that reason we develop the "Construction Site Traffic Light", which is an automatically and autonomously working system for the delivery inspection at the construction site. The traffic lights are placed at the installation point of the ready-mixed concrete, they are signalling truck drivers and pump drivers permission to install their load.