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Dr. Jung & Partner
Software & Consulting AG provides a comprehensive bundle of quality control software, service and support for construction material testing and quality assurance throughout the whole construction process.

We offer a fully integrated customer solution based on our standard software LASTRADA. Our individual services include consultancy, analysis and the development of new modules.

Other focal points are the development of the LASTRADA Construction Site Terminal and the research into new technologies. For instance, the RFID-Technology which allows for a cross-company quality assurance system on the construction site. Development and distribution of solutions for information exchange between so far unconnected systems, complement our services. But no matter what we do, stability and continuity guarantee a long-lasting co-operation.


    Today, LASTRADA and its various modules are regarded the most comprehensive integrated software solution for the construction materials testing industry. Developed in close co-operation with our customers, this established software supports all processes of a construction material laboratory. This includes the integration of laboratory equipment, instruments and systems for automatic identification of laboratory samples. New technologies for IP-based networks have been developed to integrate multiple laboratories into a complete system. To integrate separated, offline working and asynchronously adjusted lab and construction site systems, we developed new database technologies.

  • LASTRADA Construction Site Terminal

    One integral part of our efforts is developing new modules which incorporate workflows on site into the quality assurance system. Another is the development of new technologies which allow for a cross-company chain of quality assurance on site and for data exchange between all involved parties. Part of this development process is a joint project with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM). The projects objective is to develop a management system for cross-company quality assurance, based on RFID technology.