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QC Quality Control Software for Concrete and Asphalt

Our Team of Developers' continuous cooperation with the users of LASTRADA and the foresighted modular program structure make LASTRADA an all-in-one QC solution for the collection and processing of construction material testing information. While supporting the latest standards, LASTRADA meets all information management demands - company-wide, in the lab and on site.

  • Workflow acceleration

    LASTRADA is structured according to the actual laboratory workflow and can be integrated perfectly into your working environment, too. Data needs to be entered only once and, because it is stored in a central database, it is available for all your LASTRADA modules and workstations. By linking the inputted testing information with the master data, LASTRADA delivers results, charts or diagrams and automatically generates a test report. Documents that have been given clearance are digitally signed and automatically printed or sent, so documentation liabilities are no longer an issue. Automated report generation works - it is merely a matter of reliable data management and design tool flexibility.

    While accelerating the processing of any project, LASTRADA keeps all work transparent and traceable, from accepting an order to filing it in the archives.

    LASTRADA also incorporates many secure and fast ways to link information providers within a company. Interfaces with almost all major software products, such as SAP, Datev or sageKHK, are possible.

  • Early savings and future returns to scale

    Imagine if all documents were produced to meet the highest content and layout demands in no time at all. LASTRADA provides the tools for convenient and efficient working, enabling employees to concentrate on testing instead of spending time on data transfer, error detection and report writing.

    LASTRADA's sample inventory management, its testing registers and scheduling features allow you to handle a huge amount of projects. The more activities you engage in, the more you will appreciate LASTRADA's unique flexibility. Be it for extensive lists of combined materials’ characteristics or concise reports of product specifications, information about all plants and products, sites and clients, is always at your fingertips.

    Easy access to product performance information is invaluable because, even in the long term, LASTRADA contributes to increased process efficiency by letting your employees capitalise on the experience they have gathered. LASTRADA archives and organises reports, tests and mix designs and provides the means to find specific information. Finally, experience is shared throughout the company, if LASTRADA is used on several sites.

  • The cutting-edge of information

    LASTRADA provides extensive statistics that keep you in touch with the latest facts and figures in the laboratory. You can centrally track the productivity of staff and equipment and monitor contract and invoice status for a department, a single lab or for selected branches. LASTRADA keeps you also informed about utilisation, maintenance, inventory, completed and due tests.

    Those in charge of quality management have central access to product quality history and trends across all the company's laboratories. Procedures for factory production control, receiving inspection and type testing are integrated, as is quality data. A special browser-based access for operations management and sales departments provides key information in graphs and numbers.

    LASTRADA's Information Mining Tools enable users to correlate the quality data of plants, project sites, products, product types and production dates to gain selective performance information and find samples and tests of specific interest. Variable search tools and summaries facilitate the evaluation of conformity and the localisation of trends.

  • Stronger customer relationships

    Your clients benefit from more consistent quality documentation, more consistent product and process quality. Mix designs are quickly developed, optimally designed and specially suited to meet customised specifications. Employee benefits include feeling more productive in terms of testing device interfacing, data validation, plausibility checks and, of course, the satisfaction of dealing with happy customers.

  • Trusted support and co-operation into the future

    LASTRADA integrates the key functions of laboratory testing and quality management systems. It goes without saying, therefore, that user support extending from installation and instruction to troubleshooting by phone is a part of the whole system. Continuous maintenance and co-operation guarantee that each customer is kept up-to-date and abreast of developments. A remote maintenance system provides for easy and fast system updates.

  • Internationality and language independence

    International companies benefit from the unique flexibility
    of LASTRADA:
    First of all, LASTRADA does not hide norms, imbedding them in the program code. All norms and standards are treated as master data and may be edited by an authorised user to fit national and local characteristics.

    Furthermore, all forms and test reports may be generated in several languages. Documents have to be translated only one time and may then be used throughout the system for automated report generation.

    Even LASTRADA's user interface may be freely translated and edited via a specially designed language module enabling every employee of an international company to use the LASTRADA QC software in their native tongue.

  • Freedom to evolve and expand

    Regardless if run on a single PC or integrated into the software environment of an international company network, LASTRADA's modular structure and open-ended scalability facilitate a tailored solution for each customer.

    Additionally, wherever your or your clients’ operations are based, LASTRADA handles multiple, even contradictory, specifications easily. All standards are master data and may be edited by authorised users to fit specific national and local needs or to implement your own quality agenda, optionally supervised by automated alarm systems.

  • Abreast of innovative developments

    LASTRADA's developer team actively researches new technologies. We carry out, for example, research projects into cross-company quality assurance processes on the construction site. In the field of mobile data capture and transfer solutions, we co-operate with the Fraunhofer Institute for Reliability and Microintegration (IZM), the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) and the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

  • Certification-ready

    The effort needed to acquire ISO certification and obtain CE marking is vastly reduced when using LASTRADA. As a single solution for all tasks in quality control and data management, LASTRADA facilitates an integrated quality management system, the standardisation of workflows and the assurance of consistent quality data. This statement is supported by our customers and a growing number of certification bodies.