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LASTRADA - The Standard Laboratory Software
for Concrete, Asphalt, Aggregates and Soil Testing.
Quality assured right at its origin!

Testing Software for Construction Materials Laboratory - LASTRADA LASTRADA is the standard software for construction materials laboratories working with concrete, asphalt, aggregates and soil.

For the construction industry, LASTRADA is the solution for integrated quality control
throughout the construction process. It secures quality at its origin.

LASTRADA has been serving the construction materials and geotechnical industry since 1996. Today, it is the leading Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in the construction materials industry.

LASTRADA has been developed in close co-operation with our customers. It integrates construction materials testing, mix design, quality management and all laboratory processes into one system. More...

January 2017:    Company Formation - LASTRADA Partners

LASTRADA PartnersDr. Jung & Partner Software & Consulting AG and Dan Ridolfi have come together to form LASTRADA Partners, bringing progressive technology and engineering expertise to advance information management and quality control in the construction materials and geotechnical engineering industries.
Dan Ridolfi worked in Consulting Engineering and as Quality Manager in construction materials.

LASTRADA Partners will be the main contact for support and sales of the LASTRADA standard software in North America. LASTRADA Partners provides a comprehensive bundle of quality control software, service and support for construction material testing and quality assurance. LASTRADA software is a foresighted modular program and all-in-one quality control solution for the collection and processing of construction material testing information. 

LASTRADA Partners is further distinguished by the engineering expertise and support provided in the course of all initial assessments, during implementations, and through ongoing product development.

LASTRADA is available in North America since 2015. We expect positive impulses for the further development of the LASTRADA standard software.

For more information please visit www.lastradapartners.com

26.-27.01.2017:    7th LASTRADA User Conference in Berlin, Germany

LAT17On behalf of the whole team of Dr. Jung & Partner, we thank you for a successful LASTRADA User Conference in Berlin on January 26th-27th 2017. More...

11.01.2017:    New LASTRADA Release

LASTRADAThe latest version 4.6.4 has been released. More...

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Learn how the LASTRADA software supports every construction materials laboratory:

  • Test Houses
  • Geotechnical Laboratories
  • Concrete Producers (Readymix and Precast)
  • Asphalt Producers
  • Aggregate Producers, Quarries and Mining Sites
  • Construction Companies
  • Public Authorities